Synthesis is the combination of existing elements into a new, more complex whole. It is the formation of a new proposition from existing ideas. Synthetic thinking involves the simultaneous application and integration of several principles, skills or perspectives.

People synthesize information naturally. Seeing new connections makes the integrated information more useful. This leads to learning and could lead to creation of new value. Synthesis can resolve contradictions and bring harmony in the face of conflicting goals. Here is what Wikipedia has to say,

The term synthesis (from the ancient Greek σύνθεσις σύν “with” and θέσις “placing”) is used in many fields, usually to mean a process which combines together two or more pre-existing elements resulting in the formation of something new.

Synthesis 360 seemed to fit as a name, since this innovation resource has a lot to do with synthesis of a new proposition by combining elements from a 360° view. So here it is.


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