We offer integrated product development – from market research, prototyping, specification to actually building, and deploying the product in the market. We partner with you at each stage to ensure the final product delivers business value.

DESIGN: The design phase brings ideas to life. To make the concept both tangible and credible we conduct market research, user needs analysis and prototyping. This phase delivers a clear specification for development by us or your own team. We also produce a set of visuals to “pitch” the product to users and to internal teams.

  • RESEARCH – Uncover user needs and desired outcomes through interviews and site visits
  • PROTOTYPING – Bring the concept to life with interactive screen mockups for user feedback
  • SPECIFICATION – Deliver a detailed specification and design to development team

DEVELOPMENT: The upfront work in the design phase leads to a coherent development effort to produce a successful outcome. The development team is assembled based on the specific needs of your project. We manage the development, testing and deployment. We also create training materials product demos.

  • CODING –  Create well-architected and documented code from product design
  • TESTING – Deliver a reliable product with systematic internal and end user testing
  • TRAINING – Virtual product demos, slide shows, documentation and hands-on training

SUPPORT: Incremental development needs and feature additions from user feedback

We can move your ideas forward by developing a plan from a free initial consultation.  Contact us.