Here is a sampling of projects from my professional career:

Imaging System: Designed and developed a color-calibrated imaging system. Wrote cloud-based software for product quality control.

Product Strategy: Identified areas for long-term growth based on system analysis of market segments, trends and existing portfolio for a instrumentation and software company.

Color Management Software: Designed and wrote software for industrial color matching, quality control, and web-based color communication. It is used by manufacturers and leading brands.

Development Process: Defined and implemented best practices for product development process. Established systematic approach for requirements gathering at the front-end.

Color Search Engine : Developed algorithm for patented search engine that retrieves colors based on word associations. Implemented by engineering team as web application.

Venture Planning : Created business plan for new venture with hardware and software products. Planning included financial model, risk assessment, product concept design, and joint venture proposal

Dyeing Simulator : Built a mathematical model for the dyeing process and wrote desktop application to optimize dye application conditions.

RE:SEARCH App: Search software implemented using Google and Bing APIs for deep topical research and easy publishing of curated results as a web page on the topic.