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The 3Cs of Marketing Execution


Growth hacking is a lot of work. You want efficient execution. You don’t want to have to wait for inspiration to strike. You need to get cracking. The boss wants to see more leads in the pipeline ! Here is a simple framework that might help you get cracking with the growth hacking.  Using this framework to plan marketing actions has helped us be more efficient with marketing execution. Maybe it will do the same for you.

Start by making 3 lists for:

  1. Creative Content
  2. Communication Channels
  3. Customer Contacts

That’s where the 3Cs come from. Once you have these lists, the idea is to connect each item on List 1 with the appropriate items in Lists 2 and 3. We will show an example to illustrate this point. A systematic way of thinking about deploying each piece of creative content to maximize market reach equals more miles per gallon.

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